the New Sint

The Dutch Sinterklaasfeest is controversial. Adults argue about (not) changing the tradition. This has brought us problems, fights, court cases and disharmony. Luckily we also see creative, fresh initiatives arise around this old folklore. Do you want to experience some of those inspiring festivities? Then come to the coolest, hippest Sinterklaasfeest of the Netherlands. The New Sint will lead the party for the third year in succession.

The New Sint has different customs than the old one. The New Sint doesn’t need servants, for instance. No one is a servant, he says, we can all be Sinterklaas. That’s why he invites all children to make their own mitre, and dress up as Sinterklaas. Of course you can do the same, but the prize will most likely go to a child: it is a children’s party, after all.

The New Sint also let go of the habit of spoiling kids with sweets. The servants of the old Sinterklaas throw hands full of cheap, sugary sweets and pepernoten around. The New Sint doesn’t like this at all. roos He considers all this sugar very unhealthy for kids, and he hopes that everyone is open to this message. Nevertheless the New Sint doesn’t come empty handed. He carries arms full of roses to give to the children. You might be so lucky to get one too!

Do you want to party with the New Sint? You can do that on December 1st in Paradiso. There he will give a message of togetherness and harmony. And even more: he’ll treat his audience on a fantastic show.

In daily life, the New Sint is an actor. The stage is his second home. He can dance, and he can rap. He brings his own brass band, and there will be several other artists. Check the video of the arrival of the New Sint in Amsterdam in 2017 for a taste of what you can expect.

Come to the world famous Paradiso, to meet and greet the New Sint!

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