Organising a Sinterklaas party for non-believers

Mid November every year Sinterklaas arrives in Belgium and the Netherlands, together with his servants that are throwing ‘pepernoten’ and ‘tumtummetjes’ into the crowds. Hundreds of children are welcoming him, singing and expecting presents in their shoe. But that’s the Sinterklaasfeest for children. The Sinterklaasfeest for the older non-believers is very different.
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the New Sint

The Dutch Sinterklaasfeest is controversial. Adults argue about (not) changing the tradition. This has brought us problems, fights, court cases and disharmony. Luckily we also see creative, fresh initiatives arise around this old folklore. Do you want to experience some of those inspiring festivities? Then come to the coolest, hippest Sinterklaasfeest of the Netherlands. The New Sint will lead the party for the third year in succession.

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