Practice Dutch at the supermarket

You might know by now that it speeds up your learning curve if you practice Dutch in real life. You can engage in some small talk with other parents at the school yard or talk to someone who is walking their dog. An other occasion to practice your Dutch is at the supermarket or in any other shop. This cannot go wrong. Let me tell you why.
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Practice your Dutch and talk to a stranger with a dog

If you live in the Netherlands, you can get some free Dutch practice whenever you want. There can be some problems though. There will be cultural differences between your current location and your homeland. Can you just address a random Dutch person and have a conversation with them? The answer is no. There are certainly conventions for small talk. But one group is notably susceptible to hear the right words: Dutch dog owners. It’s quite easy to please them and practice your Dutch at the same time. Read here how to approach them and what to say.
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What can go wrong when you have a Dutch partner?

Once I have a Dutch partner, I’ll learn Dutch within 3 months. If only learning Dutch with a Dutch partner was that easy!

A lot of people without a Dutch partner seem to think that this will be the case. Expats with a Dutch partner will tell you that it doesn’t work that way. Your Dutch partner doesn’t magically instill you with Dutch language skills. On the contrary: having a Dutch partner can be quite frustrating when learning Dutch.
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from frustration to motivation

“When I speak Dutch, it feels like I’m a different person.” I was doing a language exchange with Teresa. She wanted to learn Dutch, and I wanted to learn Romanian. We did one hour Dutch, and afterwards one hour Romanian. Teresa visited me for the first time, and she felt very frustrated.

She wanted to share her feelings and thoughts, but the words didn’t come up as fast as she wanted, and some of them didn’t come up at all. “Normally I’m a very spontaneous girl,” she said, “and now I’m very slow and hesitant. That is not me! I’m not like that!”
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