Scripted Dutch conversations

All students Dutch know that they have to practise speaking Dutch. Even when you have a Dutch partner, some nice colleagues or friends, this can be hard to do. Common problems are:

    • You don’t know what to talk about
    • Your partner expects you to speak on the same level in Dutch as you guys speak in English
    • You don’t have the appropriate vocabulary
    • Your conversation partner doesn’t know how they can help you
    • You feel inhibited to ask a Dutch speaker to help you

    Words and sentences on specific subject

    To tackle those problems, I started developing conversation scripts for beginners and beyond.
    This provides a clear frame for you and your conversation partners. First you will get some questions with 3 or 4 answers. All answers are technically correct, but some are out of context.

    Dutch conversation script
    It is f.e. out of context to ask about the beer stock in the house, when you want to go to the park. By answering all the questions, you learn words and sentences about the subject.

    Conversation through roleplay

    The next step in this conversation script, is that we are going to roleplay the subject according to a scenario with ten or more steps. Read this scenario carefully and give it to your conversation partner.

    Dutch conversation roleplay
    I do this with my students online. You can use these scripts (even as a beginner) with your tutor, your Dutch partner or friends or with other students.


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