reviews Dutch class


Roelien is een uitstekende lerares, haar lessen zijn zeer interessant en nuttig om de conversatie in praktische situaties te verbeteren. Ik ben zeer tevreden over de lessen. Dank je wel!


Roelien makes it easy to overcome your hesitation to start speaking Dutch. Her practical approach makes it fun and interesting to learn how to pronounce and apply Dutch in your daily life.

Claudia Abt

Great and Professional person!!!completly aware of what she’s doing and with great attitude to teach!!thanks a lot!!

Simone Severini

My best language classes. Roelien tailors the class to my personal needs, we explore my favourite topics and have also longer discussions which I enjoy. It’s both fun and challenging, you can expect to be tired after each class and you’ll soon see a huge positive impact!

Kami K

Roelien couples an informal style with a fun personality. I was able to improve my conversation skills while having a good time.

Jenny Laguna

I met Roelien during one of the dutch language meetups. At the time, my goal was to pass the NT2 exam. During the meetups, she would try to show attention to everyone, but what was the most memorable, was the fact that she would always correct you, even while you are still speaking 🙂 Not everyone has the patience, especially if your every sentence is wrong!

Deividas Aksomaitis

When I met Roelien, I couldn’t even string three Dutch words together. That changed very fast. With Roelien I learned Dutch in an easy and effective way.

Natalia Gorritxo Zalbide

I lived in the Netherlands for 3 years and I could express myself in Dutch quite well. However, I wanted to further brush up my speaking skills, improve my pronunciation and enhance my business vocabulary. I started taking Dutch lessons from Roelien and these lessons helped me achieve all these goals! Roelien is patient, innovative and she is making lessons engaging and fun. Dank je wel, Roelien!

Vitaly Kopyev

Ik heb nu 6 lessen gehad bij Roelien. Ik heb vanaf het begin duidelijk gemaakt dat ik me vooral op luister- en spreekvaardigheden wilde concentreren. Ze houdt zich er consequent aan en we voeren altijd interessante gesprekken. Daarbij verbetert ze me geduldig als ik iets steevast verkeerd zeg. Ik ben zeer tevreden over de lessen bij Roelien en kan haar zonder voorbehoud aanbevelen.


Roelien takes time to prepare classes and exercises that are tailored to your needs. The classes are well organized but also fun as she has a good sense of humor! She comes up with creative examples and practices during class that forces you to speak Dutch 🙂 Highly recommended.

Ahu Alanya