Dutch language hospitality program

Do you own or manage a business in Amsterdam hospitality? Without any doubt you know how hard it is to get good staff. Getting good staff that masters Dutch is even harder.

Local guests don’t feel welcome when they’re addressed in English. Your staff gets frustrated, because they really do want to learn Dutch. Ordinary Dutch classes do not fill in what they need at work. You feel responsible dat both your guests and your staff are not happy with that situation.

I offer a solution tailored for hospitality. The Dutch Language Hospitality Program teaches your staff exactly what they need. They can apply what they learn even the same day at the workplace.

Your staff will feel happy and confident. They address the guests with new esprit, in an more welcoming atmosphere. Your guests will stay longer. This means more profit and even better reviews.

The Dutch Language Hospitality Training is on location, in your bar or restaurant. The focus is on your business.

Free intake session at your location.

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The opinion of others

Click the link below to read what a Dutch food critic thinks of English in Amsterdam hospitality.
Food critic irritated by English language

What is the Dutch Language Hospitality Program?

The Dutch Language Hospitality Program is a coaching program in 5 sessions, in which your staff learns the basics to welcome and serve your clientele in Dutch. It is:

  • for a group of max. 4 employees
  • for students of all (different) levels
  • 5 sessions of 2 or 1,5 hours
  • at your location
  • with home work
  • immediately applicable
  • with WhatsApp group support

For whom is this program?

The Hospitality Program is for the staff of business owners and managers who want to make their guests feel more welcome. By doing this, you also make your staff extra happy! You know: your employees do want to learn Dutch, they just don’t know where to start. With Dutch Language Coaching, they learn just what they need on the job.

What does the program teach your employees?

Motivation, confidence and starting level define the results of every member of your staff. From experience I can say that eastern European students will be quicker to pick up the language then those with an Anglo-Saxon cultural background, but all employees will learn to:

  • address and welcome clients
  • make reservations
  • do recommendations
  • show guests around
  • take orders

Every student will get guidance and home work on their own level. The students learn things that they can use right away, so they will remember much easier than in classes where they learn more general stuff. Part of the training is motivational, to overcome the blocks that are part of learning a new language. Because the sessions take place on your location, we can discuss issues that are specific to your bar or restaurant. For this I welcome all your feedback and suggestions.

I offer my hospitality program in two different programs. Check out what package is most convenient for you and your staff.


3 – 4 persons
investment 749€
5 sessions of 2 hours for 3 – 4 persons
5 sessions of 2 consequential lessons of 1 hour for 1 – 2 persons


1 – 2 persons
investment 619€
5 sessions of 1,5 hours for 1 -1 persons

All sessions are on location of your company. This way your employees learn fastest what they really need. Prices valid for Amsterdam. Prices outside of Amsterdam may differ.


Call 06 15 45 79 50 or contact me through the contact form, to make an appointment. I’ll come to your bar or restaurant for a free consultation.

The coach

I’m a coach and a writer. Meanwhile I’ve been writing thousands of (commercial) texts for the web, apart from my own blogs, books and stories. In my language coaching practice I combine both my love for language and for coaching. As a coach I’m different from a teacher, because I only focus on practical things in the here and now of the students. Thus I will not teach grammar, although I can always give recommendations. More advantages of coaching are:

  • a flexible structure of the sessions
  • everything learned is immediately applicable
  • more fun and more confident students
  • personal guidance
  • discuss real work situations
  • different levels possible in one group

An example program

I’ll always adjust the sessions to suite the needs of your staff and your establishment, but a complete course could look like this:


  • Determine levels
  • Walk around and name objects and situations
  • Worksheet with standard hospitality words and sentences
  • Make WhatsApp group
  • Give homework


  • Discuss homework
  • Hang a note with Dutch sentences somewhere. What sentences will that be?
  • Discuss everyone’s job – in Dutch
  • Worksheet addressing customers
  • Give homework (can be different for every student)

amsterdam barSESSION 3

  • Discuss homework
  • Discuss and train confidence and motivation
  • Role-play as nice or difficult guest
  • Make a worksheet together
  • Give homework


  • Discuss homework
  • Discuss progress. What can we do even better?
  • Discuss the menu. What can we tell the guests about this?
  • Role-play
  • Give homework


  • Discuss homework
  • Are there specific work situations that need attention?
  • Pronunciation
  • What can we do when the client doesn’t understand us?
  • Give recommendations for further study

What’s next?

language coachingAfter the 5-session program I’ll give individual recommendations to the students for books, apps, classes or meetups. Of course we could also do another 5 sessions for your staff. This would be completely tailor made, and we’d have to sit down to discuss the contents.

Free intake session at your location.

Send the form now, so we can set a date for our appointment or call 06 15 45 79 50