Scripted Dutch conversations

All students Dutch know that they have to practise speaking Dutch. Even when you have a Dutch partner, some nice colleagues or friends, this can be hard to do. Common problems are:

    • You don’t know what to talk about
    • Your partner expects you to speak on the same level in Dutch as you guys speak in English
    • You don’t have the appropriate vocabulary
    • Your conversation partner doesn’t know how they can help you
    • You feel inhibited to ask a Dutch speaker to help you

Words and sentences on specific subject

To tackle those problems, I started developing conversation scripts for beginners and beyond. This provides a clear frame for you and your conversation partners. First you will get some questions with 3 or 4 answers. All answers are technically correct, but some are out of context.

Dutch conversation script
It is f.e. out of context to ask about the beer stock in the house, when you want to go to the park. By answering all the questions, you learn words and sentences about the subject.

Conversation through roleplay

The next step in this conversation script, is that we are going to roleplay the subject according to a scenario with ten or more steps. Read this scenario carefully and give it to your conversation partner.

Dutch conversation roleplay
I do this with my students online. You can use these scripts (even as a beginner) with your tutor, your Dutch partner or friends or with other students.

Suggestions, please!

I am making an ebook with my conversation scripts, so that people that are not my students, can also use them. I started with scripts aimed at beginners, but I noticed that more advanced students also like the framework of these conversations.

What topic would you like to have scripted? Please let me know in the comments below!

Sinterklaas – the most famous member of the Inquisition?

The Dutch Sinterklaasfeest is celebrated on December 5th. But who is Sinterklaas? He is definitely not Santa Claus, because his origins are different. Sinterklaas is a mixture of our pagan god Wodan, a saint from Turkey and something much more evil: an inquisitor!
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from frustration to motivation

“When I speak Dutch, it feels like I’m a different person.” I was doing a language exchange with Teresa. She wanted to learn Dutch, and I wanted to learn Romanian. We did one hour Dutch, and afterwards one hour Romanian. Teresa visited me for the first time, and she felt very frustrated.

She wanted to share her feelings and thoughts, but the words didn’t come up as fast as she wanted, and some of them didn’t come up at all. “Normally I’m a very spontaneous girl,” she said, “and now I’m very slow and hesitant. That is not me! I’m not like that!”
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When you are a high educated expat, chances are that you don’t like small talk at all. When you’re an introvert like me, you might not even know how to do it. Why would anyone like to engage in meaningless chitchat or even gossip?

I’ll explain why and how in this article: small talk is a very useful tool in learning Dutch (or any other foreign language)

What is small talk?

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