from frustration to motivation

“When I speak Dutch, it feels like I’m a different person.” I was doing a language exchange with Teresa. She wanted to learn Dutch, and I wanted to learn Romanian. We did one hour Dutch, and afterwards one hour Romanian. Teresa visited me for the first time, and she felt very frustrated.

She wanted to share her feelings and thoughts, but the words didn’t come up as fast as she wanted, and some of them didn’t come up at all. “Normally I’m a very spontaneous girl,” she said, “and now I’m very slow and hesitant. That is not me! I’m not like that!”
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5 tips on Dutch small talk

When you are a high educated expat, chances are that you don’t like small talk at all. When you’re an introvert like me, you might not even know how to do it. Why would anyone like to engage in meaningless chitchat or even gossip?

I’ll explain why and how in this article: small talk is a very useful tool in learning Dutch (or any other foreign language)

What is small talk?

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food critic irritated by English language

Teun van de Keuken is a food critic, but the owner of the coffee bar he frequents is most likely not aware of this. The boss reacts disturbed when the customers address him in Dutch. He wants to be addressed in his mother tongue (English) by his customers. When Teun asks for ‘de rekening’ he looks disturbed.
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the New Sint

The Dutch Sinterklaasfeest is controversial. Adults argue about (not) changing the tradition. This has brought us problems, fights, court cases and disharmony. Luckily we also see creative, fresh initiatives arise around this old folklore. Do you want to experience some of those inspiring festivities? Then come to the coolest, hippest Sinterklaasfeest of the Netherlands. The New Sint will lead the party for the third year in succession.

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