Dutch Language Coaching

dutch conversation Do you work in Holland? And do you still communicate in English? Even with your Dutch colleagues?

You hear your colleagues laugh, but you have no clue what’s that all about. When you join them, they politely switch to English.

You hear someone sigh. They have to adapt, just for you.

When you don’t speak Dutch, you miss a lot of the culture. You’re just not part of it. The language contains the soul and the heritage of the country. You are missing out on that. Staying a stranger on the outside.

Did you already try to learn Dutch? Follow classes? You got frustrated, didn’t you? The classes were too general, and they didn’t suit your needs.

Now you can learn the language with Dutch Language Coaching. Increase your active vocabulary right away. Grow your confidence in speaking Dutch with friends, colleagues and even strangers.

With Trancemissie Language Coaching you will immediately be able to apply your Dutch skills at work and in your social life.

Are you ready to improve your Dutch? Call 06 15 45 7950 for an appointment, or fill in the contact form. We will make it work!


Roelien couples an informal style with a fun personality. I was able to improve my conversation skills while having a good time.
Jenny Laguna

“I met Roelien during one of the dutch language meetups. At the time, my goal was to pass the NT2 exam. During the meetups, she would try to show attention to everyone, but what was the most memorable, was the fact that she would always correct you, even while you are still speaking 🙂 Not everyone has the patience, especially if your every sentence is wrong!”
Deividas Aksomaitis

When I met Roelien, I couldn’t even string three Dutch words together. That changed very fast. With Roelien I learned Dutch in an easy and effective way.
Natalia Gorritxo Zalbide

Learning Dutch – private classes

I focus on conversation on all levels. I developed scripted conversation, so you grow your active and passive Dutch vocabulary at the same time. This means you don’t learn just to read, but also to speak and to listen. We’ll also do grammar and other exercises during class.

Read about the best way of learning Dutch. The same article is also available in Dutch – your practice starts here!