Dutch conversation intermediate and advanced speakers

During lockdown we’ll go online.


I have an ongoing conversation group voor intermediate and advanced speakers. You can join when there is a spot available (max. 4 students), and when your conversation level is up to par. I can assess this during a coffee, or when you come to a meetup of the Dutch Language Conversation MeetUp group.


  • Every session we’ll discuss the theme of a short text. You’ll get this text beforehand.
  • Of course this text is in Dutch. We could also take an interesting English text, but then I’d translate it first, before sending it out to you.
  • We talk about the text: do you agree, or are you of a completely different opinion? What do the others think? We want to shape a meaningful, deep discussion on the topic.
  • topics: philosophical, psychological, wellbeing etc. Do you have an idea for a topic or a text? Then let me know.


Monday night 19.00 – 21.00 in Amsterdam


  • Read the text beforehand.
  • I advise to think about the text in advance of the class, and to look up and write down some relevant Dutch words. Not always time for your homework? No worries- just improvise.


  • First you have to get more and more confident to express yourself in Dutch, and to let yourself grow in this process.
  • Then I’ll correct you on pronunciation, word order and grammar, without disturbing the conversation flow too much.
  • This will be different for each student
  • Of course 100% Dutch
  • You’ll grow your active vocabulary by participating
  • No beginners

strippenkaart learn DutchPAYMENT

You can buy:

  • a small ‘strippenkaart’ for 6 sessions for 100,- (2 months valid)
  • a big ‘strippenkaart’ for 10 sessions for 150,- (3 months valid)

Use your ‘strippenkaart’ within the period of validity.

BONUS: you can also use your ‘strippenkaart’ for private lessons. This will be 2 strips for a lesson of 1,5 hour (instead of 75 minutes).


Do you need an invoice? Please ask me, because they are not generated automatically


Are you interested in this group? Then contact me through: