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Fast Focus Workshops Nederlands

The Fast Focus workshops are thematic Dutch language workshops for beginners. They focus on just on theme of Dutch daily life, so that everything you learn is immediately applicable. Check out what these workshops look like and how your language skills will advance rapidly.


It’s easy to get overwhelmed if you start learning Dutch. Where to begin? I personally think that it’s best to start speaking Dutch right away, even if you’re making many mistakes. But Dutch habits might ALSO look weird to you, especially if you’re from outside Europe. Following a Dutch language workshop will make you feel much more comfortable about your Dutch language and social skills.

After every thematic workshop you will have:

  • basic vocabulary around the theme
  • confidence to express yourself
  • insight in Dutch culture and habits
  • practice in conversation
  • practical applicable Dutch language skills


Each Fast Focus Workshop consists of 3 classes of 2 hours, either in the weekend or at three weekday nights. During these 2 hours we will practice the theme for 1,5 hour. The last half hour will be free for any questions of the students. There will be a maximum of 6 students.

  • 1 workshop = three 2-hour classes
  • no more than 6 students
  • 1,5 hour prepared study and practice on the theme
  • 0,5 hour free questions for students, related or unrelated to the theme
  • secured Zoom-environment. No installation or registration required
  • access to all study materials in Google Classroom


The Fast Focus program is a series of thematic workshops for beginners, where we will focus on everyday Dutch. You will be able to use this right away. Themes will be:

    • THE SUPERMARKET. The best place for free Dutch practice is at the supermarket. After this Dutch workshop every supermarket worker will be delighted to help you with your groceries and your Dutch.
    • MONEY. Learn and practice counting and calculating in Dutch and get acquainted with setting up bank accounts and specific Dutch ways of paying.
    • CREATIVITY. Here we will get creative with the language by inventing stories, making poems and listening to the lyrics of (in)famous Dutch artists
    • WORK. Learn how to get along with your Dutch colleagues and get them to speak Dutch to you. Learn office lingo and vocabulary.
    • PUBLIC TRANSPORT. Learn vocabulary about all ways of public transport while at the same time learning how to get information and discounts. We’ll also jump into the Dutch bicycling culture, so you will be able to engage.


The Fast Focus workshops are designed for beginners and people who want to brush up their skills. For absolute beginners I will add some additional resources.


Please look for the dates on the thematic pages. The costs are 60€ for the three sessions of the Fast Focus Workshop. Your place will be secured after payment.


For every first two workshops on a specific theme, there will be a 50% discount, so you’ll only pay 30€.

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